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Pacific View Asset Management, LLC

About Us


Our goal is to build an exceptional investment advisory firm. Our portfolio managers have extensive experience in their respective fields and our product line-up consists of a diverse offering of highly specialized investment strategies, each of which has unique attributes that we believe will generate above average long-term capital appreciation for our clients. A number of our strategies capitalize on investment opportunities within inefficient market segments; others utilize state of the art factor-based portfolio management tools designed to improve risk-adjusted returns. While operating autonomously, each of our portfolio managers share a passion for investing and a belief that over time fundamental research and proper levels of portfolio concentration will deliver favorable results.


Pacific View is committed to best-in-class performance, client service, and administration. We recognize our role as stewards of investment capital and strive to create a culture where our employees are encouraged to continuously add value to our clients’ experience, our company and processes, while conducting themselves in a highly ethical manner. The portfolio managers and business leaders of Pacific View have been recruited with the express purpose of achieving this mission.

Each of our investment teams operate autonomously. They are given tremendous levels of support allowing them to pursue, without distraction, client performance goals. As a result, portfolio managers and their investment teams are able to focus, almost exclusively, on the implementation of their respective investment strategies without having to bow to non-investment/administrative matters. In this type of environment, creativity can flourish without being compromised by bureaucracy, committees, or consensus. Creativity, in our opinion, is the essential ingredient for value-added investment success through active portfolio management.

Our commitment to clients goes well beyond investment performance. We employ an experienced team of professionals who are equipped to provide clients with accurate and timely information on all aspects of their investments. From performance results to an analysis of individual holdings, our team has been organized to efficiently handle and respond to client requests with an exceptional level of service.

Our administrative professionals have tremendous experience in the formation and management of regulated financial institutions on a global basis. Given the increasing complexity and constantly changing regulatory environment facing investment management firms, this is a distinct advantage. We have dedicated professionals focused on compliance, operations and finance; supported by a flexible and deep technology-driven structure.

We believe that we have assembled the right combination of investment talent, client services capabilities, and infrastructure to provide clients with superior performance and the high-touch services of a specialized investment management organization.