Minneapolis, MN

Investment Strategy

Global Innovations Equity

Opportunity & Philosophy

The objective of the Global Innovations Strategy is long-term, capital appreciation through investments in global equity securities. Our investment philosophy is based upon the notion that companies globally will benefit from productivity gains through robotics, automation and other innovative solutions.

Technological advances have dramatically reduced the cost of robotic and other automated solutions for a wide range of industries. The efficiency gains, quality improvement and fast payback on these expenditures are resulting in increasing adoption rates by industrial facilities worldwide. We believe demand for robotic and highly- automated manufacturing solutions should grow at a much faster rate than global GDP and corporate profits, while capturing an increasing percentage of capital expenditures for the foreseeable future.

Investment Strategy

The strategy seeks to identify companies with innovative technological solutions for any aspect of business process automation. This is achieved by conducting proprietary, fundamental analysis on businesses with unique products and/or services that should benefit from the automation trend over the long term. We invest in companies that we believe are best positioned to benefit disproportionately from robotic or other innovative technological solutions. Generally speaking, the companies with which we invest, will have market capitalizations in excess of $50 million, short interest (as a percentage of float) of less than 40%, level or increasing 90-day average value, and a high ratio of research and development spending to sales.

Product Offered

The strategy is offered through a private commingled fund, separate accounts and the AlphaCentric Global Innovations Fund (symbol:  GNXIX), a registered mutual fund.

Investment Team

Brian Gahsman

Portfolio Manager

Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the quantitative securities analysis program of Haworth College of Business, at Western Michigan University, in July of 2004.

After graduation, Brian served as a Global Network Management Consultant, within the International Asset Services Group, at Wells Fargo. His responsibilities included oversight and account maintenance of Foreign Securities and American Depository Receipts. In April of 2008, Brian joined the Leuthold Group (Leuthold Weeden Capital Management) as an Operations Research Analyst/Institutional Trader, primarily focusing on market entry, country exposure, foreign taxation, foreign exchange trading, fair value pricing and global corporate actions analysis. He was also responsible for hedge/mutual fund trading, valuation, administration and audit support. In addition, he provided a variety of support to research, portfolio management, marketing, and executive management teams. In April of 2013, Brian joined investor Steve Leuthold as portfolio manager co-managing the Leuthold Strategies Fund along with a number of private accounts. In this capacity, Brian mainly focused on investments in global water, robotics & automation and biotech. In 2015, Steve Leuthold formally retired and the Leuthold Strategies Fund was closed. In July 2016, Brian, along with Rob Branton, formed Gahsman Branton, LLC to focus exclusively on making investments in businesses benefiting from the robotics and automation theme. In March 2017, Brian and Rob Branton joined Pacific View Asset Management, where Brian is the Portfolio Manager for the Global Innovations Strategy.


Rob Branton

Managing Director

Rob graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Marketing from St. Cloud State University. He also holds the following licenses in the security and insurance industry: Series 7, 24, 66, and life/health and annuities license.

Rob has been involved in the financial industry for 20 years, most recently as Founder/Chairman of the Advisory Board of Contego Capital, a registered investment adviser in Edina, MN. Rob started his career with Merrill Lynch managing money for clients and implementing company retirement plans and corporate cash plans. Rob left Merrill Lynch to become one of the founding members of Orion Wealth Management, a wealth manager that was ultimately acquired by a larger wealth manager. Upon the sale of his company, Rob was recruited to enter the wholesaling and distribution side of the financial services business. He managed multi-person sales teams that drove sales of funds, retirement plans, and annuities for two of the largest distributors in the world, AIG and Pacific Life. In March 2017, Rob and Brian Gahsman joined Pacific View Asset Management, where Rob is responsible for the distribution of the Global Innovations Strategy.